Our vision…

We are committed to creating fun and engaging environments for students to learn economic and financial skills. We provide students (K-12) and faculty with resources to become more financially successful by helping them understand the workings of the economy – on a national and global scale – and the financial system.

Meet the team!

Carina Davio



Responsible for:

  • Oversees ICEE programs
  • Establishes campus and community partnerships
  • Maintains campus and community partnerships

Nichole Snyder

Program Coordinator


Responsible for: 

  • Coordinates ICEE programs
  • Creates student and faculty program resources
  • Facilitates campus and community involvement

Gillian Futryk

Student Assistant


Responsible for: 

  • Facilitates ICEE programs
  • Provides student and faculty resources

Rachel Swindon

Administrative Assistant


Responsible for: 

  • Oversees Director’s schedule
  • Provides administrative support
  • Collects data