Inspiring future global leaders.

The International Economic Summit™ is a hands-on, activity-based learning program for high school students that teaches the significance of core concepts about globalization, international economics, and what it takes to make highly interdependent nations competitive in today’s dynamic economic environment.

Each summit is a fun, challenging game where student teams represent a country as economic advisors with the goal to raise the standard of living in their country. Teams research their country and propose a solution to a global problem. At the summit, students both compete and work together to complete tasks like building trade alliances, securing resources through importing and exporting, investing in long term development projects, and testing their knowledge of geography, economics, and current events.

Economics, finance, technology, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, writing, speaking, debate, and design—it’s all in the International Economic Summit!

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For Educators.

ICEE offers training and materials to educators to learn how to implement this program in their classroom, high school, or school district. Teachers must participate in an International Economic Summit training before providing this program in the classroom. Training is offered both in person and virtually, and teachers have the option to earn professional development credit through Boise State University.

Teacher Training for the International Economic Summit Includes…

  • One Day Workshop (virtual training available upon request)
  • 18 Country Practice Kit
  • Optional Continuing Education Credit

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