Give them a real-world experience.

Introduce students to real-world economic activities without leaving your classroom! This workshop and teacher guide gives educators the tools and resources needed to create a functioning economy inside the classroom. The semester-long simulation uses realistic activities that mirror everyday economic behaviors. Students will learn about money management, teamwork, running a small business, paying taxes, and investing. By immersing students in a classroom economy, they will understand their individual role in the global marketplace, giving them a crucial advantage as they move through the upper grades and ultimately enter the workforce.

Interested in signing up for the Classroom Mini-Economy?

Visit the Events page for upcoming dates or contact ICEE.

For Educators.

ICEE offers training and materials to prepare educators to use the Classroom Mini-Economy. Training includes a one-day workshop, a set of classroom materials, and lunch. Teachers also have the option to earn professional development credit through Boise State University.

Teacher Training for the Classroom Mini-Economy Includes…

  • One Day Workshop (lunch is provided by ICEE)
  • Teacher and Student Workbooks
  • Optional Continuing Education Credit

Visit the Events page for upcoming training dates for Classroom Mini Economy!