The route to the top begins with education.

In today’s ever evolving and increasingly competitive financial marketplace, knowledge is power. Communications have given us the gift of information. However, more information does not mean we have more knowledge. Access to information is useless unless we are able to both understand and use it.

Your ascent begins with education! Start making the climb by establishing a solid understanding of economics and finance.

Educational programs.

From Financial Fitness for Life© to the International Economic Summit, and everything in between, the Idaho Council on Economic Education (ICEE) offers a variety of student programs designed to help students K-12 learn economic and financial skills in a fun and interactive environment! Students are immersed in hands-on activities, based on curriculum aligned to national standards, to develop an understanding of economics and finance as well as build important personal skills, such as creativity, teamwork, problem solving, writing, speaking, and debate!

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Lessons that last a lifetime.

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Looking to register for one of our student programs or teacher trainings? Check out our Events page for information regarding upcoming dates, location(s), and times for programs that are currently available. If you are still considering which program to register for and are interested in learning more about our programs, visit our Programs page for a specific details.

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