Two ways to get involved.

Full Day Shift

Interested in volunteering for a full day at the International Economic Summit? The Summit is a regional competition for high school students who have been studying International trade and politics, and come together for a day long competition to see who can raise the standard of living the most for their country.

During the competition volunteers are responsible for grading quizzes, awarding points for activities, issuing loans, and selling tariffs.

Volunteers that sign up for a full day will be expected to be onsite at the event from 8am-4pm, with a 30 minute briefing before and after the Summit.

Hour Shifts

We understand that not everyone is able to donate a full day of their time. Another way to get involved with the International Economic Summit is scoring essays. Leading up to the Summit, teams are required to submit a 150 word essay about a global economic issue and how they would solve it.

Judging essays is a simple online process that only takes an hour of your time here and there! Volunteers are emailed a batch of essays and, using our scoring rubric, grade each essay at your own pace.

Interested in Volunteering?

Simply send us an email with your name, best method of contact, and the type of volunteer opportunity you’re interested in signing up for!
One of our coordinators will respond with further information within 2-3 business days.

Contact the Summit to sign-up as a volunteer!


“I enjoy working with the students and watching them compete.”

– Heath Gamboa, U.S. Bank

“The summit is a great opportunity to involve rural schools.  I appreciate seeing the students’ enthusiasm and learning process.”

-Carla Koritnik, Monsanto

“Volunteering at the summit is a fast-paced, high energy day and our volunteers love the interaction with the high school students.”

– Laura Cobb, Vice President for Public Relations, Citigroup