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The Stock Market Game

Whether you teach in a classroom, mentor students in an afterschool program, or are a homeschool parent, The Stock Market Game (SMG) is the right tool for you to help your students build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real world skills practice in math, English Language Arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects. Students begin with a hypothetical $100,000 to invest in real time. Ten week games are held each semester. Student teams compete for prizes at the state level within their age level.

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The International Economic Summit

The International Economic Summit is teaching high school, university and even middle school students across the U.S. how to succeed in 21st century global jobs and careers. Teams represent the countries of the real world.  The goal is to raise the standard of living and succeed financially by using their skills in economics, finance, marketing, negotiating and creativity. The Summit is like real life…challenging, fun, competitive.  It changes the way students see the world and the way students see themselves.  The Summit creates a vision of success and provides the knowledge and skills they need to complete their education and move into productive jobs and careers.

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Financial Fitness for Life

The Council for Economic Education provides economic and financial literacy resources for K-12 educators. Our lessons use activities, multimedia content and background readings to give your students an applied, hands-on experience.

Drawing on the expertise of university professors, we develop and update K-12 learning materials with a strong interactive component. Our curriculum is aligned to national standards in English and math, and with our Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics and the National Standards for Financial Literacy.  Idaho teachers can purchase any CEE materials through the Idaho Council on Economic Education for a 20% discount!

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National Economics Challenge Contest

The National Economics Challenge is a fun and free way for students to flex their intellectual muscle and test their economic knowledge. Competitions for cash & prizes are held at the State, National Semi-Final, and National Final levels. In each competition, teams of students answer rigorous questions on microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, and current events. At the National Final, students complete rounds of testing, work in teams to solve case problems, and participate in a quick-paced oral quiz-bowl in order to compete for the title of National Champions.

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The Classroom Mini-Economy

This semester-long simulation (designed for grades 2-6) uses realistic activities that mirror everyday economic behavior. By immersing themselves in a classroom economy, your students will understand their role in the global marketplace… giving them a crucial advantage as they move through the upper grades and ultimately enter the workforce.

You’ll have a time-tested template that makes setting up your classroom economy simple:

  • Economics instruction – step-by-step lessons and in-depth instructions make integrating the Mini-Economy into your curriculum simple
  • Classroom management – discover tips on designing & implementing your economy
  • Application of basic skills – help your student hone important life skills, such as teamwork and negotiation skills
  • Money management – personal finance is more important today than ever – especially for young students. You’ll give your students valuable practice managing money

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