Idaho Council on Economic Education

When we provide our proprietary program, the International Economic Summit, outside of Idaho we use “International Economic Summit Institute” as the name of our organization.   The Summit program is a large-scale global economy game, similar to the “Model United Nations” except it teaches a broader range of global skills to students of all socioeconomic and academic levels rather than only to a select level of students.  As other states and countries beyond Idaho have learned about the Summit program, we have partnered with them so that their students, teachers, businesses and economies can benefit from this unique and powerful tool. 

Diversity of Students

Idaho is comprised of 115 school districts that serve 266,000 students.

45 Percent of Students Eligible for Free or Reduce Lunch
17.5 Percent of Students Living in Poverty
19.9 Percent of Students from Minority Groups

Because there is no free lunch.  America has always been the land of opportunity…but our economy, prosperity, freedoms and future are at risk.  Economics, including personal finance, is all about choices, decisions, costs, benefits, actions and outcomes.

We are at risk.  We stand to lose much of what took 300 years to build.  The economy in which we must now compete is not local, statewide or national.  Our playing field is global.   Up until 2008, the United States was consistently ranked the “most globally competitive” country in the world by the World Economic Forum.  By 2013 we have slipped to number 7.   Good outcomes depend on effective actions.   Actions depend on decisions and skills.  Wise decisions and skills depend on education and practical experience.  We provide common sense economic understanding and the practical skills to apply it.

Teachers Trained in Economic and Financial Education

Improve Student Learning and Test Results

Percentage of students that achieved passing scores on pre and post tests for economics and personal finance.

Elementary School

  • Pre

    10 %

  • Post

    43 %

Middle School

  • Pre

    3 %

  • Post

    39 %

High School

  • Pre

    34 %

  • Post

    73 %

Elementary and Middle School studies performed by the University of Memphis comparing teachers trained in Financial Fitness for Life. High School Study funded by U.S. Department of Education comparing students before and after participating in International Economic Summit program.

Each year more than 100 K– 12 teachers from all regions of Idaho participate in our training workshops and student competitions.  These teachers in turn reach 9,000 Idaho students.   Since the Idaho Council on Economic Education was founded in 1971, we have trained and provided classroom materials to more than 2,000 Idaho teachers.  More than 200,000 Idaho students have received our classroom lessons, participated in the International Economic Summit, played the Stock Market game, started a classroom business, received an economic education scholarship or studied with us in China.  Our programs produce results. For example, a U.S. Department of Education multi-year study demonstrated that the number of students who can pass a national exam on economics doubles after they participate in our International Economic Summit program.


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